Friday, December 7, 2012

Victory Pattern's Simone

Recently I told you of a new pattern company I found called Victory Patterns; I bought 3 different patterns and decided to make the Simone dress first.

If I hadn't made alternations to the dress this would have only taken me a few hours, but I ran into a few problems along the way. Before I even cut out the pattern I had to remove 5 cm from the back skirt side because my fabric wasn't wide enough. I was using fabric from my stash so I didn't take this into consideration. I went to alter the bodice length at the shorten line but there was only enough room to take off 1 cm, not the 2.5 cm I needed too which was frustrating.

 Once I had sewn the dress the bodice was a tad bit too big so I took off 1 cm from the bodice front side and then sewed 2 cm seam allowance instead to 1 cm. I'm not entirely happy with the bodice; the hook and eye at the top of the split doesn't sit well; I think that's because I took off too much from the front bodice side instead of the back bodice. The end of the linen on the back of the dress comes down too far and sits awkwardly below my natural waist. I also had problems with sewing the points on the front and back and as a result they don't sit flat. I ended up lining the dress also because the outer shell fabric was quite see-through.

Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out, but next time I would be making a lot of alterations to the pattern before I started. 

The Facts and Figures:
Made: November 2012
Fabric: Patterned Japanese Lawn (from Spotlight) for the main outer shell & linen for the planket
Lining: Off white poplin
Notions: Invisible zip and 2x Hook & Eye

The Big Questions:
First worn? Haven't worn it yet
Will I wear it again? -

Things I Changed:
- Shortened the skirt by 14cm
- Took out 1 cm from bodice lenght
- Added lining to the whole dress
- Removed 1 cm from the bodice front side
- Took out 5 cm from back skirt side
- Added a hook and eye to the zipper seam

Things I would do differently next time:
- Make a full muslin of the dress and then start of the good one
- Choose wider fabric

Fantastic Mr Fox

I'm currently obsessed with Sublime Stitching's PDF embroidery patterns; It's so hard just picking one to buy! I bought the Ryan Berkly one recently so I could use the Mr Fox on it and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I used carbon paper to transfer the pattern; so far it's my favourite transfer method.

 I've found it really helpful to print off a coy of the pattern and colour it in with texta's, makes the whole process a lot easier.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Gathered Sundress

I was looking online about a month ago trying to find new PDF dress patterns because the weather is finally nice again. I came across Victory Patterns and decided to buy 3 of their dress patterns off etsy but before I started on them I told myself I have to finish Pattern Runway's Gathered Sundress first. I bought this pattern back in January and had already cut out the pattern and started on the muslin but for some reason I just never got around to finishing it.It's the first item of clothing I've sew for quite some months now and I really enjoyed doing it.

The fit is really nice and I didn't have to do too many alternations. I had been reading of other peoples experiences making this dress and quite a few mentioned they wished they'd taken length out of the bodice. I ended up taking out 2.5 cm's! I re-checked 3 times to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong. I also had to take of 12 cm's from the hem, but that isn't anything new. I also decided to line the skirt as the fabric I was using was really thin and see-through. Over all I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

The Facts and Figures:
Made: January & November 2012
Fabric: Patterned Japanese Lawn (from Spotlight)
Lining: Off white poplin
Notions: Invisible zip and Hook & Eye

The Big Questions:
First worn? Meeting my friend and her daughter at the Mornington Markets
Will I wear it again? Definitely!

Things I Changed:
- Shortened the skirt by 12 cm
- Took out 2.5 cm from bodice lenght
- Added lining to the skirt
- Added 1 cm to each side next to zipper 

Things I would do differently next time:
- Make the skirt lining less bulky 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Victory Pattners

Recently when I was looking for dress patterns I stumbled across this independent pattern company called Victory Patterns; they sell their patterns via etsy here. They have a special in their etsy store where you can buy 3 patterns for $27, which was perfect because I really couldn't just pick one. I bought Anouk, Ava and Simone and all I have to do now is pick which pattern to make first {easier said than done}.

PDF Sewing Patterns

First of all I must apologize for my absence for the last 4 months; time has slipped past me without noticing.

I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of pdf sewing patterns; they have been my main source patterns for the last 2 years and I'm in love with them. There's a big disadvantage living in Australia; most independent sewing pattern companies don't stock their products in Australia and getting patterns posted here is very expensive. I also don't favor commercial pattern companies like New Look, Simplicity & Butterick for a few reasons but one of the main ones is the price.


Price - I sew for a few different reasons but one of them is getting a quality, unique product for half - 3 quarters of the price on one in store.The vast majority of pdf patterns are between $5 - $10 dollars, much more affordable than $16 - $25 for paper patterns.

Availability - Not only do you get your pattern within 24 hours but you can buy them at any time; after work or at 3 am in the morning when you've gone on a internet pattern hunt. This also eliminates waiting 2 weeks for your pattern to be shipped to your house.

Pattern Backup - You will always have the pdf pattern file on your computer {Tip: back up your files on an external hard drive just it in case your computer crashes; which happens to me a lot!}. This means you can re-print the pattern as many times as you'd like; so if your house gets flooded, you accidentally spill coffee on your wafer thin pattern or your cats decides to go town and shred up your pattern you will always have a spare and you won't have to re-buy your pattern.

Finished Product - Most pdf pattern companies have a direct link to their flicker group pool so you can easily find other people that have used the pattern and how it turned out.


Pattern Assembly - Piecing a pdf pattern together just adds another step in the construction sequence. You have to print of the pages {sometimes 40+ pages} and then lay them out and sticky tape them together which is quite time consuming. This also uses a lot of sticky tape and you really have to concentrate on aligning all the points together otherwise the pattern pieces won't match up when sewing.

Pattern Storage - When you buy a pdf pattern you have to print off the pages onto regular A4 paper which is quite thick compared to the wafer thin sewing patterns you buy in store. This means once you've pieced your pattern together and fold it up for storage it's quite bulky, I have a designated expansion file for my original patterns A4 patters. Unfortunately it's just another bulky file that I have to find in my already full craft room.

For me, the con's don't really bother me that much because it saves me time {shipping times} and money; which is my main objective. Once you've put together a few of the pdf patterns you get pretty quick at it and just see it as another necessary step in the construction. If you haven't try a pdf pattern i would recommend giving it a go, it's always good to try something new.

Here are a few places I get my pdf patterns from:

Victory Patterns
Pattern Runway
Colette - only some of the patterns are in pdf format
Made by RAE

Dolls and Daydreams
Wee Wonderfuls
Sweet Emma Jean

Michelle Patterns

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Things Found Series

The Art House Co-op; most commonly know for the Sketchbook Project, sent around an email asking for a photo of the inside of your fridge for a photography series. I sent in my picture a while ago and completely forgot about it but I received an email this morning with all the pictures that had been sent in. This is the link to my picture.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quilt Inspiration

Recently I've been searching Pinterest and Etsy to get some inspiration for a quilt. I know I said that I should seriously reconsider doing another one after the Christmas Tree Quilt I made for Nana over 2 years ago; but I've forgotten what the pain of making that felt like, hehe. I'm going to make a single bed sized quilt for the living room for the altar chilly nights we've been having; although I already know I most likely won't finish in time for the end of winter. I've bought some quilting rulers, good quality rotary cutter as well as some really nice fabric that was on sale. 

I'm still not sure how I'm going to construct it, I might try to do a Chevron Stripe or just go with simple half triangle squares in a nice pattern. Here some quilts I've come across whilst searching:

 Top Row: Modern Chevron Quilt Tutorial by You Had me at Bonjour and A Zig Zag Quilt Tutorial by A Quilt is Nice
Middle Row: Vintage Zig-Zag Quilt by In Color Order and Rainbow Zig Zag Quilt by Janice and Elaine Sews
Bottom Row: Value Quality Quilt by Sew Katie Did and Zig Zag Quilt Tutorial by The Purl Bee

Top Row: Rainbow Diamond Quilt by I Don't Do Dishes, I Sew Instead and Grey and Green Geometric Quilt by Crafty Blossom
Bottom Row: Baby Mish Mash Quilt by Little Bluebell and Do Good Stitches by In Color Order

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silver Half and Half

Sally Hansen: Wet Cement & Celeb City

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colour - Mushroom

Half Half and Split Nails

Grey: Sally Hansen Wet Cement
Green: OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
Blue: Chi Chi Going all the Way